• Q-1: How can I place an order?
  • STEP 1 :Add items to the shopping basket

    If there's a video purchase option, select either "PPV Download" or "VIDEO Streaming" and Click "ADD TO CART" to add items to shopping cart.

    STEP 2 :View Cart

    Check your shopping cart. If everthing looks alright, please click "Proceed to Checkout" button to continue.

    STEP 3 :Sign In or Register (FREE)

    If you are a Member Customer, enter email and password and then click "Login"
    For new customers, please register and create your account. Registeration is totaly free!

    STEP 4 :Select Payment Method

    We have a secure online credit card payment. Please fill in your credit card information and click "Continue to Checkout" button to continue. If you select to pay by credit card, please fill in all the required fields.

    Fill in your Billing Information and click "Processed to Checkout" button. Click "Save to my Billing Address Book". By saving your address, you can check out faster next time.

    STEP 5 :Order Reivew

    Please reivew your order information once again. If you have any comments or special instruction, please type in inside the "Customer Comment" field.
    *NEW* We started EXPRESS CHECKOUT! Save for your Credit Card and Billing Information for next purchase. Uncheck if you don't want to use express checkout.
    Click "Place Order" button once and allow a minute to generate your confirmation order number.

    STEP 6 :Order Complete

    Your order is completed. Your order confirmation will be sent your email address. Please click "PRINTABLE VERSION" button to print your order.

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  • Q-2: Credit Card Payment Condition
  • AVEntertainments accepts Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Discover. We do not accept payments through bank transfers or any other forms of payment except via credit card. We do not release your credit card information to any outside organizations or third parties. Our secure servers safely and confidentially handle the transfer of your personal information.

    CVV2 & CVC2 Card ID Number required
    CVV2 is an important new security feature for credit card transactions on the Internet. "CVV" stands for "Card Verification Value" (Discover Card calls it the "Cardmember ID"). The CVV2/CVC2 number (usually 3 or 4 digits) is a security code used to verify that you are the owner of the card being used for payment. We require and verify the "CVV2" number for all credit card orders.

    Here is how to identify your CVV2/CVC2 Card ID

    Visa, Master & Discover Card: This number is printed on your cards in the signature area of the back of the card. (It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card).

  • Q-3: What is Express Checkout?
  • Express Checkout is to save your Credit Card information and Billing Information for next purchase.

    【Express Checkout ON/OFF】
    Express Checkout is ON as default at confirmation page. You can leave check mark on if you want to use Express Checkout and click "PLACE ORDER." If you don't want to use Express Checkout, please uncheck the box and click "PLACE ORDER."


    【Change your Express Checkout status】
    Since your Express Checkout is ON, your next purchase will skip all steps and goes to confirmation page automatically. If you want to stop Express Checkout service, please click "TURN OFF" button located at the upper right corner.

    Also if you want to change your address or credit card information, you can click any sections of "EDIT" on your right.
    **You can't change your Credit Card information from MYACCOUNT.**

  • Q-4: How will your charge show up on my credit card statement?
  • The charge will appear as on your credit card statement.

  • Q-5: Do you accept bank transfer payment?
  • At this time, we don't accept payment via Bank Transer for Pay Per View download movies.

  • Q-6: Can I change any item(s) in my shopping cart?
  • Yes, before placing an order, you may update the contents of your shopping cart at any time.
    To remove an Item: To remove an item from your shopping cart, first locate the "Delete" button on the right hand side of the item, then click on it.

  • Q-7: How can I use the "Coupon Code" I receive?
  • From time to time, we send out coupon code to our registered customers. Simply follow these steps to use the coupon code discount service:

    1) Order as usual by adding items to your shopping cart. 
    2) On the "View Cart" page, locate "the Coupon code" field box.
    3) Enter Coupon Code number and click "Apply".
    4) The page will refresh. Shopping Cart will automatically calculate the discount. Discount is applied.


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  • You can browse our "Help Center" from the upper left menu or simply E-MAIL us with your question or concern at: [email protected]